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New Contributor pavand
New Contributor

MIA Sphere Live - Optus charges for content services - Refund required

Just reviewing my bill for last month and the usage for this month, and I have few charges from "MIA Sphere Live" on my account. I did not authorise these transactions and don't even know what they are for. Can I please have this refunded from my bill? I have been browsing other forums and this is obviously a scam so I don't know why you are still allowing this platform to bill through the Optus Billing service? Pretty disgusting form Optus, like normal.


Please refund and block these services or you will lose me.

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RetiredModerator Mike-N

Re: MIA Sphere Live - Optus charges for content services - Refund required

Hello pavand, 


Very sorry to hear that you've received charges on your bill that you did not expect. We understand the concern around these charges and we've recently made a commitment to cut ties with a number of third party content providers by January 31st. For more info you can check out our blog →


If you wanted help with anything account specific, we'll need you to send us a private message confirming your phone number, full name, and date of birth. We can lower your content spend limit to $0.00 to block these services and also raise a dispute against them to request a refund.

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