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First of all, I am not happy about this.


I have charges on my account from MIA Sphere Live (what ever that it) of $9.09 . I have not requested these charges and do not know what they are for??? Why have OPtus allowed these people to charge me and where is the information about their service??

I already blocked this but I want my money back. It's been 2 months since I registered the Optus and I am starting to disappoint  about this.


Please solve it immidiately.

Re: MIA Sphere Live Issue -


Happened to me today too. Ring Optus and complain. If they won't reverse the charge the complain to the TIO, they will try to fob you off to the scammers but they are just as responsible for ensuring consent and there are literally 100's of complaints on this site alone and they are not proactive. 

Re: MIA Sphere Live Issue -


And checkout this amusing abc consumer rights piece on the premium SMS scam


Re: MIA Sphere Live Issue -


Hi @Daniellee, looks like you have been subscribed to a premium service. If you’d like to chat to one of our team members now, please go here:

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