MIA Sphere Freenet Gamesaine


I am looking for people who have been charged without subscribing to the above companies by Optus .


If I can get enough people who have been incorrectly charged we may be able to start a Class action together against these Companies.


I have never subscribed and I only have a Internet Mobile Data unit, there is no way that I could have accepted received or replied to an SMS from the above companies.  I have contacted them but they cannot offer any confirmation of my subscription by me.


I have spent 40 hours of my precious time and costly phone calls from my Telstra Phone to Optus to rectify the problem.

Re: MIA Sphere Freenet Gamesaine


Type MIA Sphere into the search box, you'll find plenty of people. I'm fairly sure if you have a data only sim, like the one you'd get for an iPad, it's illegal for them to sign you up but I'm not totally sure on that

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Re: MIA Sphere Freenet Gamesaine


Optus has told me that with the Data unit I could not have subscribed  I would like to hear from enough people to challenge them with a Class action

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