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New Contributor HChara
New Contributor

MIA Sphere Charges

I have been charged on my OPTUS account by a supplier named MIA Sphere Live and it is for some content that I have never opted in or subscribed to receieve.

After first seeing these charges, I initiated a chat with an OPTUS agent and they advised me to pay only what i needed to pay (my Plan amount) and OPTUS would seek a refund from the supplier and ensure they will block the content services. Great!

On my next bill i had the amount (that i was advised not to pay) come through as overdue and some new charges from the same supplier (only up until the date they were blocked).


I initiated another chat and asked why the amount was overdue and that the new charges had appeared. Well, the second agent was advised me to do the total opposite, I was asked to pay the bill in full and seek a refund from the supplier, i was provided with a 1300 724 406 to ring and request a refund.

Seeing I never asked for this content to be sent to me, why should I have to go through all the rigmarole. Optus should take care of their loyal customers and put an end to this. I even rang the number provided and got a voice recording to ring another number, which is another voice recording saying my number is not registered and there is no one in there office.


Two chats with compltely different information, I am confused and frusrated and a little saddened by the customer service optus has offered (if you can call it that). 


Thanks for the great customer service!

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