I've recently gotten my optus bill and have notice MIA Sphere Live have added an extra $30 onto my bill. I have no idea who or what this company is- i've never ever signed up for any extra services. Can these charges please be removed from my account? I am not paying for somthing I never wanted or signed up for in the first place. 


Having a look online, I've noted I am not the only person that this has happen to- It makes me really mad that I left vodafone to join optus, and honestly if stuff ups like this keep happening, there isn't a hope in hell I will continue to be an optus customer. 


Thanks in advance for any messages/help. 



Hey @squish91 - it does sound like you've inadvertently subscribed and been charged for Premium SMS. You can set your spend limit to $0 which will block these in the future and also raise a dispute with the content provider who will get back to you about the charges. For instructions on how to do this, please checkout this link. Let us know if you have any other questions or need any further help. Justin

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I was fraudulently charged money by some SCAMMERS, and your support staff ask me to get the refund from the SCAMMERS. REALLY? I do not  want to waste my time talking to SCAM ARTISTS. I do not want to ask THIEVES to return my money. I want OPTUS to take some RESPONSIBILITY for allowing these SCAMS to harm their customers.

FYI, I have checked the Optus APP on my IPAD and the means of checking the settings for Permium SCAM services is NOT AVAILABLE. It does not exist. I want to find out how to check this setting to make sure that OPTUS no longer ALLOWS more SCAM ARTISTS to STEAL MY MONEY.

I am going to start paying Optus with a credit card so I can dispute the charges and get my money back more easily. Bpay allows Optus to AID these SCAM ARTISTS far too easily at ZERO risks of disupted charges.

I'd advise everybody to pay OPTUS with a CREDIT CARD. Not a DEBIT CARD, Bpay or direct debit. A real CREDIT CARD, where you can dispute the charges and get your money back. Just in case, OPTUS refuses to help you get your money back from the SCAM ARTISTS using their platform. I also advise everybody to read their bill from Optus very CAREFULLY cause Optus could not possibly care less about us, the customer.

I am going to  nominate OPTUS for a SHONKY AWARD with Choice. I hope we can get enough nomination that they win a prize this year. We should keep nominating them for Shonky awards every year until we can get them to mend their ways.



Today, I received a lecture from the Optus Customer Relations person telling me how I just clicked on some link. This magically subscribed me to their services and linked that subscription to my mobile number. This all happened even though I am usually quite cautious as to where I enter my mobile number. As far as I know, my mobile number is not publically visible on Facebook or LinkedIn. I do my best to limit who has my mobile number and it is not my habit to click on random links.

It is was even more annoying to hear her talk about how these companies have support numbers that you can call to get your money back. Apparently, nobody has updated the people in Optus that cyber crime is a trillion dollar industry. Cyber criminals have help desks and support numbers that you can call. Using VOIP, I would not bother to try and trace them, it won't be that easy and they will probably route the call to somebody in a different country. One group even went so far as to ask for "customer" references that they can provide to other "customers".

Optus management and employees need to get with the times. You are allowing your customers to be robbed. Instead of helping them, you spend a great deal of time blaming your customer for being robbed. This needs to stop. I understand at least Telstra is pretending to have a policy blocking these scams. I understand that their ban on these scams is not complete but at least they are pretending to care. It feels like Optus cannot even be bothered to pretend to care.

That being said, I doubt any telephone company in Australia will take this fraud seriously. It might change if their CEO or some C-suit become a victim to this crime or they face the possibility of jail time for aiding and abetting fraud. A one million dollar bill to the CEO of Optus or the threat of a few months in jail might work I suspect it the only wake up call that will work here.

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