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New Contributor Sangeeth85
New Contributor

Lying sales consultants

Has anyone else been lyed to by the online sales consultants? I ordered the iphone 8 plus the other day because the online sales consultant assured me it was in stock and avilable for immediate dispatch. He even told me several times that I would receive it within 2-3 business days. And I confirmed at the end of this.


I placed the order and waited 4 days before calling up to check what the hold up was. I was then told by the phone consultant that my order will only be arriving with the next shipment of phones since they don't actually have any in stock and they have no idea when that shipment will arrive.


I cancelled my order and went online and spoke to another sales consultant who confirmed that they do have the particular model I am after in stock and it is availabke for immediate dispatch and that I would receive it in 2-3business days. This confirms that the online sales consultants are lying to potential customers to win their business and the customer is left in the dark until time passes and they realise the phone isn't coming for a long time.


Optus should be ashamed of this illegal practice!

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RetiredModerator Tano

Re: Lying sales consultants

I'm sorry to hear about your experience there, @Sangeeth85 😞 I've tagged your post as feedback to be passed onto the appropriate department. We do need to wait for Apple to allocate new stock, and additional shipments are used to fill back orders so it's difficult to determine the actual wait in this instance. We do keep you updated throughout the process however, and we're always receiving new stock. I'm sorry that in this instance the experience has been far from ideal. 

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