Looking forward to esim


I travel and work between Australia and Asia. Now I carry an Optus powered iPhone Xs and a iPhone 7 for an overseas Sim card. It will be super efficient if I could use esim for my Optus number and put overseas Sim card in the nano slot so I just use only one phone. The moment am Australian carrier offers an esim for iPhone XS, I will be among its first customers. 

Re: Looking forward to esim


 It's going to shake up the industry that’s for sure.


I'm sure it's something that we'll see introduced in the next year or so.

It's not something that I've received any official word on, but the demand for the feature is definitely growing.  



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Re: Looking forward to esim


Same demonds here. Travel a lot between countries. Got to have 2 phones. So annoying.

Re: Looking forward to esim


Spoke to Optus representative 2 weeks 3 weeks ago.. He did not make any promises but said it could be in this year That Optus can offer esim.  I am very keen to go to esim.


Re: Looking forward to esim


I agree to this requirement.


Since the manufacturer have already released their hardware to take advantage of this features, i think the Operators like Optus or Telstra or Vodafone must release the feature immediately. It makes the life of the user easy because we can have 2 sims (personal and work) together and can be more useful.


Also, if the operators play game like this, then the manufacturer will definitely release 2 physical sim based hardware. Like Samsung, already does for in even high end mobiles.


I hope optus will listen to this requirement and release this feature immediately.


This will give Optus on upper hand over other operators. It is more useful than even 5G enabled network.


Thank you.

Re: Looking forward to esim


Optus did the job. Now you can have esim for iPhone. They kicked off the service from 27th March. But only post paid users are eligible.

Re: Looking forward to esim


Thank you very much for the update.


Hope this information "Optus enables ESims for iPhones XS & XS Max" will help millions of consumers.

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