Long time customer looking at cancelling


I have been a loyal customer with Optus for over 17 years. I have two phones on my account and until

today thought I was valued as a customer.


I activated international roaming $10 a day offer for a recent trip overseas and for about 36 hours of the trip I had no service on both of the phones on my account which was horrible. I was unable to make calls even to Optus to check out what was the issue and eventually used the online customer service live chat who was unable to fix the issue after several attempts.


I just called customer service today to talk about a refund and my my options of cancelling my service and before I cancelled I asked the customer service team if there was anyone there that was going to talk to me or would make me an offer to try and convince me to stay.


I was told there was no one to speak to about offering me anything to stay.  That’s really poor Optus for someone who has been a loyal customer all these years spending thousands of $$$$! Even worse when I had also mentioned that I’m out of contract and told them I was looking at getting a new phone. At least put me through to sales or something and not let the customer hang up because there was no options for them.  I thought Optus was better than that but I don’t know if I will be recommending Optus to any of my friends anymore.  


Re: Long time customer looking at cancelling


They've got so many new customers based off just the value they give, doubt they even care about customer service anymore.


Re: Long time customer looking at cancelling


It takes very little effort to make a loyal customer feel appreciated or wanted Carlo and if they can’t even give you that then maybe it’s time to move on.


I must say I think customer service went downhill the day support went offshore. I think it’s just a numbers game now and providing they don’t lose more customers than they gain then I don’t think they really care. Unfortunately the other main telecommunications companies in Australia aren’t much better.

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