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Loan phone for Huawei

Hi there, wondering if anyone can help me with this.


I went into an Optus store last week to ask about loan phones whilst my phone is in for repair - the person I spoke to said that this could be arranged but only after handing in my orginal phone for the repair itself (Huawei Mate 20 Pro). I desperately needed my phone for the weekend so waited until today to hand in but on doing so, the lady at the store I spoke to said that they only gave loan phones for Apple, not Huawei.


Two very different pieces of information which now leaves me in a massive bind as I need a working phone for both personal and work use and had banked on getting a replacement ordered in in the short term. What is the actual deal with loan phones??

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Re: Loan phone for Huawei

Its can be a bit vague unfortunately. Some stores say they loan for anything but Apple. Its also a discretionary thing and subject to availability etc. The website says you need to order the phone before you go in so perhaps the lady meant only loan Apple on the spot?


In a pinch perhaps just by a $20 touch screen phone in Woolworths? If you need to resize the SIM then any Optus store can do that for you on the spot.


Peter Gillespie

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