Live chat useless


I tried calling 133937 pressed far too many complex options before finally told to do it myself and sent text message to website?? Then call HANGS UP. Tried again different menu , hung up again?? Is there any reporting tracking as to how many calls are hung up on?? Is there an sms 15 min later asking if issue was resolved ?? Customer service for premium customer and paying premium monthly service - zero rating


Went to My Optus app. No option to access billing to make debit changes and sent to go to browser and open old fashioned web site which is not mobile screen friendly.  Customer service for premium customer and paying premium monthly service - zero rating


Openned web browser and after some time searching through website found the location to make changes ( doesn't Optus use non Optus customers who with and without tech savvy users to find out how long it takes to search popular questions on the website to make site user friedndly??) . Finally tried to delete old credit card and enter new one.  Error "sorry cannot make changed to direct debit at this time" if system is down why is there no date and time when to come back or here is an innovative ides for the website allow me to enter mobile number to send me a text when system is back up??? Customer service for premium customer and paying premium monthly service - zero rating


Clicked on Live Chat and took forever for someone to respond. Finally they responded and it 2 to 5 minutes before responses?? So Optus retrenched most voice customer service or care staff and pushes everyone to help themselves?? Now Optus has reduced the Live Chat staff not able to handle customer queries and cannot focus on one customer at av time and spread themselves too thin "muli tasking" trying to answer too many customers and spending any quality responses with none?? Customer service for premium customer and paying premium monthly service - zero rating


Optus customer service and care needs seriously think in investing in tracking:


1. each call hung up on. No one should be hung up on by the automated service.  

2. Text message should be sent to each person that called 133937 15 to 30 minutes later to ask if a) did the automated service solve their problem b) rating from 0 to 10 rating for self help customer service and c) if they still need someone to call back to assist

3. Whenever a error pop up on the website  another pop up should happen to all you to enter your mobile to receive a text if system is down and date and time to try again. You have logged in as a customer so all your mobile details should be there for customer service to receive a report from all customers who revceived an error message and who could not complete or find what they wanted via the websiteor via the app!!

4. Every live chat should have an alert reporting if the Optus person does not just typing and then go to someone else to answer multiple people at once to trick the system but who does not start typing within 10 seconds or does not press send after typing response within 10 seconds. Optus has dramatically reduced call center staff to save money and now it is unacceptable to now also provide poor untracked service with Live Chat

5. A text should withun 15 minutes should be sent at the end of Live Chat to provide a) rating from 0 to 10 rating if resolved b) Live Chat  customer service and c) if customer still need someone to call back to assist


When will all 5 points above going to be addressed because Optus customer service is now non existent and in worst it has ever been expected from a premium carrier??

Re: Live chat useless


Agreed 133937 should NEVER hang up on customers.


Why does Optus management have a customer service or customer care number when the 133937 service can take up at least 20 button presses to force you to give up and hang up or if you have the extreme patience the automated voice service sends you a text to take to the website to the exact location the website does NOT have the information you are looking for or to amend or update??!!


They should delete the 133937 number as there a NO staff to answer calls !! Optus state they charge more per month because they provide the highest customer care?? You are better off paying cheapest price with the small resellers as they provide just email customer service ar least someone will respond by email within 24 hours... .better than nothing or conplex 'self help 'from Optus


Re: Live chat useless


Optus customer service will not get any worse, it's already bottom of the heap.


Months ago they promised to sort things out but it's only gotten worse.


I am a long time Optus customer who used to have 5 or 6 products with them with over $260 monthly spend now I've only got about 2 left with very little spend.


As competiotion ramped up in Australia Optus has decreased their customer service to the point where there are next to no humans left in the process which is fine if the automated processes work but they just don't.

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