Live chat not working



When I visit

the live chat link doesn't seem to work when I click on Billing & General support it's like there is no hyperlink for it just text.

I've tried on other browsers too such as mozila firefox and internet explorer, the current browser I'm using now is google chrome. I've also tried disabling my anti tracker and ad block add ons but no luck either. 

However, the mobile side of things are fine

Hope you can resolve the problem soon.


Re: Live chat not working


Thank you for raising this.

I don't think it's something that needs fixing/resolving as all the links including the Billing  & General support one opens fine for me and I imagine others as we would have way more posts/complaints if Live Chat did not work at all.

We'll pass on the feedback but the response is usually it is highly likely something on the device is preventing it from opening like a pop up blocker or something else. Others in the past have said using incognito mode with Chrome worked for them.

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Re: Live chat not working


Live chat has changed to a new messaging system that was odd to use. 

I accesed it via the app not any links. 

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