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List of countries included in zone 1 and countries I can call

I on the Optus highest tarif which includes unlimited calls to zone 1 and unlimited calls when abroad.

I would like to know:

1. What overseas countries can I call from Australia (included in the top plan)

2. What countries do I have included roaming (included in the top plan)

3. Can I receive and make calls from the Maldives as part of my included calls under the top plan.

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Re: List of countries included in zone 1 and countries I can call

Hi @DRA242, to answer your questions:

1. The countries that you can call from Australia depends on your plan. At the moment these are the 35 countries that are included → list of countries. However some old plans might have few different countries depending on what you signed up. So we need to look into your account to confirm. If you have the copy of the critical information summary of the plan that it will confirm this.

2. With roaming our plans include Zone 1 countries only. You can search your specific country to confirm if it falls under Zone 1 (eligible destinations) here → Roaming support page.

3. Sorry we don`t have roaming coverage in Maldives. 

If you want us to double check the list of 35 countries then you are best to speak with our Support team via the → messaging service to assist you further as this is a public forum we can`t access customers account details here. 

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