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Linking two accounts and paper bills

I’ve been with Optus for 2 months and I’m very disappointed at the coverage speed  and lack of ability to effectively self service. Live chat response times are woeful too. 


I ported my Mum over to Optus and tried to link her account to mine. My account is already switched off for paper bills and has direct debit set up. When I finally worked out how to link the accounts it told me my direct debit will apply to all the accounts - great. However there was no option at that time to turn off paper bills on my mums account, so now I’ve been charged for that.

I don’t understand why my account settings don’t apply to all the services under the account, or been directed to turn off paper bills at the time.  


I don’t care so much about the $2 but the continual poor user experience (this is not the only issue I’ve had with my account) and website myaccount performance is really not unacceptable in this day anymore.

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Re: Linking two accounts and paper bills

Hey @Chewy01, I'm sorry to hear about the experience you've had thus far 😞 


If you can send through a private message to us here or on Live Chat, we can definitely take a look into this for you and assist with the billing method updated!

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