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Less data than purchased


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This morning, I recharged my phone through the Optus website for $40 (7GB data, 10GB video streaming, etc.), expecting to get what I paid for.  However, upon checking my Optus app, I only received 6GB data and no video streaming.  This is not the first time this has happened, as Optus does not notify its customers when they could be receiving more data for the same price point.


I then tried calling Optus’ support line and was redirected to online support multiple times.  I called again and finally spoke to a representative after 15 minutes of holding and was briefly greeted by a woman in the Prepaid department who’s name I couldn’t catch, but once I began explaining my situation, I was HUNG UP ON as soon as I mentioned that I received less data than I paid for.  I’m appalled at the incredibly rude lack of customer service and the dishonesty of not receiving the data that I paid for.  I’d like for this to get resolved quickly, as this was such a terrible experience.

Re: Less data than purchased


Re: Less data than purchased


My apologies for the issues getting assistance on the phone. Which prepaid plan do you have? 

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