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Leasing handset options

Your phone lease is about to end or has ended and Optus is no longer offering new leasing plans.

We've outlined your options below.

1. You can return the phone in good working order to an Optus store. If the phone isn’t in good working order, you’ll be required to pay a damage fee up to $499.


2. You can make an offer to buy the phone at the current fair market value (which Optus will advise at the time)

You will be required to continue paying monthly device and plan fees for any additional available months beyond the minimum term of your contract. You can find the exact available additional months on the SMS we sent you. If you’re unsure, you can call us on 1800 702 060 or contact us via

If the phone is not returned after any permitted additional available months have lapsed, a non-return fee will be charged. The non-return fee will be the fair market value of your phone. Once the non-return fee is paid, you will own the phone.

Deciding what to do next

When you’re ready, you can buy out or return your phone by heading in-store and speaking to one of our team in person. They’ll be able to advise you on your options.

Got more questions?

We have a dedicated team ready to help if you have questions. Call us on 1800 702 060 or contact us via

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