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Leasing Plan

How much would it cost to buy out my phone on my leasing plan and how much would it cost if I returned it with a broken screen. It's a Samsung S10 plus.
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Re: Leasing Plan

Good morning @towney1984, the cost would depend on your plan arrangement as well as the extent of the damage. Once the handset has been returned, it will be evaluated by our back end teams whom will examine the damage as well as determine the repair cost.

I would recommend having a look at our Device Warranty as well as checking in with our 24/7 Messenger Teams available on the Optus App - from there, we will be able run through your plan and advise on the lease arrangement 

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Re: Leasing Plan

Sounds like Category B:

Minor parts such as power button or SIM tray missing / cracked is allowed
Large chips, dents or cracks on front glass allowed, as long as it hasn't caused LCD damage / bleeding
Chips, dents and cracks allowed on the Back plastic / glass, Front glass Corners / edges
Extreme abrasions allowed
Front display coming away from the body of the device allowed

Cost is usually around $230

Unfortunately Optus don't release the standard list of buyout pricing. Its a fixed value for each model and independent of any damage but as a rough guide you're looking around $500 to own it yourself. Optus can tell you exactly.

A third option is to just get the screen replaced yourself before handing it back.