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New Contributor TGladman
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Lease to a Plan

Hi, I signed up to a 12 month lease in February 2019 and am now wondering how I go back to a plan with a new phone?  Thanks Tracy

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Re: Lease to a Plan

After 12 months (aka in about 2 weeks for you) you can select the early upgrade option ($99). Optus no longer offer lease plans. So select a new phone and a new 12,24 or 36 month contract and that plan will be a own your own phone one.
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Respected Contributor

Re: Lease to a Plan

Optus previously offered what they called leasing plans which is what Peter is referring to. These were 24 month offers including a "leased" phone that you could either give back at the end or buy for market value and a plan to provide your calls, texts, data etc. 


You mentioned a 12 month lease. Do you mean you signed up to a 12 month "SIM only plan" which is just the SIM for your calls, texts and data? 

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