Late fees

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To whom it may concern. 

My?  Is I paid the remaining of my bill today and I confermed it and you sent me a text and in the next it said you were going to charge me late fees why is this when it was paid on time it's not dew until tomorrow and I paid for it today? Someone pls look into this thank you Xx 😍 


Re: Late fees

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Re: Late fees


You sure the second SMS wasn't just a warning?


Was the confirmation email to say Optus had got the money, or that they'd been notified by you that you said you'd paid?


How did you pay the remaining bill? Credit Card?  


I'd wait to see what appears on your next bill first. So long as Optus has got the money in your account by tommorrow then you shouldn't see any charges (Standard late fee is $15 btw).




Peter Gillepsie

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