Lack of acknowledgement of complaints


I have made 3 online complaints about issues that I am having, it clearly states that the response would be 2 business days, yet I have never had a response. I have sent Optus Facebook a direct message which has yet to be seen and answered, seriously you have a very poor customer service. I have 4 postpaid mobile phones with Optus. Get your act together and respond. Or does the TIO Need to intervene.

Re: Lack of acknowledgement of complaints


Hey there,


Sorry to hear about the trouble you've having!


I'm just a customer like you, but have escalated your post to a staff member to take a look. If you have any reference numbers, it'd be great to have those handy so you can provide to a staff member when they reach out.


I'm confident you'll get this responded to here, but if you have any issues let us know as we're keen to get this sorted for you Smiley Happy



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Re: Lack of acknowledgement of complaints


Thank you, unfortunately I don't have any reference as it was  the website complaints form, they can trace it via my mobile number or email address though.

Re: Lack of acknowledgement of complaints


Hey @Dazkatmaka11 - I'm sorry to hear about the issues you've been having! I can certainly appreciate your concerns with this and I do apologise for any inconvenience or frustrations caused.


Have we responded to your Facebook message since you've posted this? If so, it's best we keep our chat to a single thread and platform in order to avoid any confusion or information being lost. 

If you've not yet received a response, please send us a PM here with your full name, DOB and account or service number and we'd be more than happy to investigate the status of the complaint for you. 

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Re: Lack of acknowledgement of complaints


The Facebook team are kind of sorting this out, still have issues though even after calling,tech support, Facebook team and customer complaints. But I'm slowly getting through the issues bit by bit. Don't know why it has to have taken the best part of 2 and half months for someone to recognise the issues.

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