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Hi can someone please inform me where I can get a loan phone in Melbourne. I have paid for a claim to have my phone repaired and desperately need a loan phone as I need a smartphone to earn money. I have been to and called over 10 stores in the Melbourne area now and all of them have informed me that they do not supply loan phones anymore. I have spoken with Optus insurance and they instructed me that they do not deal with this issue. Customer service will not provide one and tell me to go in store and request one. I spoke with someone on Optus chat and he informed me that they no longer offer loan phones due to the “new updates”. If this is the case then Optus should take the loan phone option off of their website and in their contract when signing because this was the peice of mind insurance I had signed up for.  If been thrown around one giant circle and it’s starting to feel like I’ve been scammed out of $14 a month as well as my $100 excess. If I had known a loan phone would not have been provided I would have just went to apple and paid the $350 for a new/ refurbished phone. If it is indeed true that Optus no longer offers loan phones then I will have to cancel my claim, ask for a refund and take my case and all documented chats and conversations to the ombudsman because of false advertising. From what I’m seeing on these boards it seems like I am not the first person who has had this problem. I understand in a rural or country area it would be hard to stock a loan phone in every store but if I cannot find a single store that stocks loan phones in Melbourne this is outright fraud and the thousands of customers who are paying for device protect insurance are being mislead. 

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Hey @Matt21212,


Sorry to hear that this has been the experience you've had, I can certainly see it's been very frustrating.


You're welcome to PM through your details & we can take a further look into this for you to check to see if we can arrange a loan device.

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