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Kudos to Optus

Everyone here is complaining about Optus and its services but I would like to point the awesome network and service I have been getting for over 2 years since we never find time to appreciate the good but make sure the negatives are pointed out.


The network has been amazing! fast 4G, great voice quality with HD voice, awesome self service options - the app and my account, wifi talk, my plan plus, data pools... they keep coming up with innovation - first to market and the other carriers follow it.


The customer service and tech support is always helpful, local or overseas, they have always helped me with my queries. Hence, I'm trying to do my bit by answering queries on the Optus community page to reduce their workload whatever way I can.


The stores are pretty and the staff ever so helpful, going out of their way to help even if it is a technical issue and not sales.


Way to go guys! I understand negatives are always highlighted but I want to point out the positives too to keep the staff motivated! keep doind what you're doing. There are a lot of happy customers out there even if they don't say it!



Always Yes!



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Re: Kudos to Optus

Hi PS, welcome to the forums, appreciate the positive feedback 🙂 


Also appreciate the helpful posts you've been putting up. Shoot us a PM if you have any questions.

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