KRACK affecting ALL mobile phones with wifi


When is Optus going to provide a patch against the KRACK wifi client vulnerability? My phone (Huawei P10) is relatively new and under contract so they better provide a patch, although I do not trust them since the last Android update to this phone was on 5 June 2017. That is appalling Optus and Huawei (and all the other Android manufacturers who fail to patch/update their phones)...

Re: KRACK affecting ALL mobile phones with wifi


Hi user108,


Updates for your handset will come from Huawei themselves, however our software testing team will check it for compatibility with our network first. We've already been in touch with all of our handset manufacturers to check on a status of a security update. Currently they are waiting for Google to provide the PATCH before they customise it to their software and handsets.

Once they've done this they'll send it to our team to test and once approved, it'll be pushed to customers by Huawei. At this stage, we don't have an ETA however we regularly provide our customers with information on the latest updates via our blog here . For further updates please check back on this link for the latest info.






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Re: KRACK affecting ALL mobile phones with wifi



This is nowhere good enough. The Huawei P10 has not received ANY updates since June 2017.

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