Re: Jamster(Viobuzzy) Scam


I've put in a complaint with TIO about Optus. I think this is the only option they are complacent, maybe even complicit with this scam.


Their support put in a request to have the charges reversed by the 3rd party. How likely is that when they took the money fraudulently in the first place? Optus are not doing the right thing; they should remove these scammers from their network and void all charges, not put the burden on their customers.


I have lost trust in Optus. I have disabled direct debit. I will not recommend Optus to anyone.

Re: Jamster(Viobuzzy) Scam


Complain to the TIO.

Raise the issue with the ACCC it's easily done online at

Leave Optus, Telstra actually have some decent plans at the moment. 

Watch the ABC the checkout on premium SMS, it's amusing and informative.

Re: Jamster(Viobuzzy) Scam


Forget ACCC, ACMA, ACORN (Australian Crime Online Reporting Network), Scamwatch, Scamnet, AFP, etc. as all do is tell you not to click on any SPAM SMS. They will not investigate the scammer, you can be sure of that. Especially in my case where the scammer was a German company with name ORDANNDU GmbH.


If the telco does not refund your money, then call again and mention TIO, that helps to get the money back. 

Re: Jamster(Viobuzzy) Scam


I spoke with someone on livechat for help, he has changed my settings so it can't happen again, and spoke of refunds to come... Which unfortunately haven't arrived.


Once reimbursed I'd be satisfied with how Optus handled this, the operator I spoke to had been quite helpful so far.

Re: Jamster(Viobuzzy) Scam


My charges have been refunded without me having to deal with the scammers. I don't know if this is because my service is a data only service or not, or it's because I complained to the TIO.   I think Optus are doing their brand a disservice by the way they deal with these complaints and the companies in question. They would be much better to have an opt in policy, and accept that there are large numbers of people signed up without real / any consent.

A few years ago I got a similar SMS on a telstra mobile and after a 4 min call the Premium SMS was blocked and the charge refunded.

By initially taking no responsibility and referring your customers to the SMS provider you are unnecessarily antagonising your customers, which a guess can't be good for business, especial if the final outcome is the same.

Re: Jamster(Viobuzzy) Scam


I agree that making an individual complaint to the ACCC is not worth it. However if they get thousands of consumers raising it as an issues, they may look at it.

Re: Jamster(Viobuzzy) Scam


The problem is that clicking on a SPAM SMS becomes a "Subscription to Premium Services", so it is perfectly legal at the moment to scam you. So forget ACCC, ACMA, ACORN, Scamwatch, Scamnet, AFP, etc. The TIO will get your money back, but once the telco refunds the money, like in my case, the TIO will not investigate. However, if you did not get your money back, the TIO can escalate the complaint and then charge the telco even more than $30. The TIO gets tens of thousands of complaints, more speed issues than scams, but definitely does not investigate scams.


There is even a web site claiming to investigate the scam and they are asking for money before they do anything, clever scam!


It becomes a situation like described in "Yes, Minister" on TV, where Sir Humphrey Appleby says: "The civil service does not have to be efficient, it just has to be seen to be doing something!".

Re: Our optus account is not ATM for the third party


I had a live chat with Optus on July 5 about this issue. Here is what they said "I have successfully blocked the content service and raised the complaint against this." I also sent STOP reply to Viobuzzy on July 3. Then today I got message again from Viobuzzy that "FreeMsg: U've been subscribed to Viobuzzy for 30 days charged to your mobile account." I am surprised and frustrated to get this scam again. How is it possible that I am subsribed to Viobuzzy again eventhough I sent STOP reply and Optus has blocked the content service. Something is wrong with the OPTUS. This is serious issue and I am going to report to ACCC and TIO.


Here is screenshot of message from my mobile.


Re: Our optus account is not ATM for the third party


That's really strange @durga01 as you definitely shouldn't get charged for Premium SMS if we've set the spend limit to $0. Can you please send me a private message with your full name, number + DOB and we'll follow this up for you ASAP?

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Re: Our optus account is not ATM for the third party




Telstra Crowdsupport has informed complainants, that sending a "STOP" message just stops any further scams from occurring, the original "Subscription to Premium Services" still stands with its monthly charges! Great!


Probably the same here with Optus. Ring the telco and mention three letters, namely T I O (Ombudsman), that is the only way to get your money back.


Just sent the following email to ACCCs "Scamwatch", they are also useless:


"Clicking on a SPAM SMS message is considered to be a "Subscription to Premium Services" and at the moment is a perfectly legal way to scam customers of every Australian telco. My complaint about my $20.20 scam by Telstra was never replied to by you, surely because you cannot investigate this issue as it is perfectly legal way to scam customers.

May I suggest you stop advising scammed customers to report individual scams via your web site? It is a waste of time as you will not investigate such a scam anyway.

What you can suggest instead is to contact the telco and definitely not the scammer to get the money back. The telco will advise the customers to contact the scammer and that is incorrect as the money is never repaid that way. What you can also advise customers is to contact the TIO (Ombudsman) if the approach to the telco was unsuccessful.

What you can also advise customers is to contact their federal MP to legislate dual verification via opt-in/opt-out to ensure customers are informed a monthly charge will accrue on their telco bill if they click and unwittingly subscribe to "Premium Services." END OF QUOTE



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