Re: Jamster(Viobuzzy) Scam


So have I, every time the MPs send me an email, I send them my comments re those scams. I have to ask them to legislate fines for non-compliance as you are supposed to be told a monthly fee will be charged BEFORE you click, not after.


It looks like the scams are illegal from further reading on the Whirlpool forum, but as there are no fines legislated, those scammers game enough still play along.


Best to contact Optus again and mention three letters, namely T I O for the Ombudsman and that always helps to get your money back from the telco. Forget calling the scammer, waste of time!




Re: Jamster(Viobuzzy) Scam


I have ibfirned Optus Bout this charge twice. I have been credited the cost of that scam company. This month Aug bill it has been charged to my account again looking at my bill twice on the same day and at the same timing so basically I have been charged $20. But my total bill seem to have credit it out by Optus. 


Anyone encountered this? I don't want to call the scammer number to deal with it. Keeps appearing on every bill lately of the charge and Optus have been crediting me for it this bill. 

Re: Jamster(Viobuzzy) Scam


These Premium Services can be blocked via My Account to prevent future charges. For more info on how to do this, check out this link. We can also help you dispute these charges if you speak to us here.

Re: Jamster(Viobuzzy) Scam




One would have thought Optus would not only credit the money but also stop any further scamming by that company without having to ask you to stop the scam.


You are now expected to stop the scam yourself and watch your invoices for any further charges/credits, which is unacceptable.


There have been cases of keeping on being charged despite sending of a "STOP" SMS message to the scammer.

Re: Jamster(Viobuzzy) Scam


You WOULD think they would not only credit the money but also stop any further scamming but they don't. After setting my spend to $0, then three days later there were another two charges at $9.08 each. When I live chatted with optus about it they were less than helpful and said they will have to check when I subscribed, which then went back to  "I didn't subscribe in the first place"..etc. I am sure you know the story.  You might as well talk to a pile of rocks than talk to optus over this scam.

Re: Jamster(Viobuzzy) Scam

Hi NedKelly,
Best idea is to ignore the telco's advice to contact the scammer to get the money back. Why should you?
  1. Call telco to refund money, if unsuccessful suggest on-line complaint to TIO (Ombudsman)
  2. If  still unsuccessful, contact TIO on-line, note reference number of automated reply.
  3. Check invoice(s) for refunds, if unsuccessful, escalate complaint to TIO with previously recorded reference number.


As a taxpayer I am upset at the waste of my money by ACMA, ACCC, ACORN, police, Scamwatch, Scamnet, etc. in asking us to submit long on-line complaints for the keeping of scam statistics, but definitely no other action. The TIO will get your money back, but will also not investigate. Telstra now claims that scamming has stopped. I am watching the Whirlpool comms forum if that is correct.


In my desperation I have contacted MP Hanson, MP Xenophon, MP Hastie, MP Georgianis and MP Wyatt to get federal laws enacted to have double verification via opt-in/opt-out established with fines and compliance action.



Re: Jamster(Viobuzzy) Scam


My team can guarantee that funds will be returned for any affected customers. Please feel free to privately message a moderator with your account number, full name and DOB if you have any issues with the process.

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Re: Jamster(Viobuzzy) Scam


Hi Toomey,


Thanks for the advice. Telstra has repeatedly claimed in the papers that it has stopped this scam and will no longer forward any funds to the scammers. Details are available at the Whirlpool web site.


It might be a good idea for Optus to follow Telstra in that respect, as every on-line complaint to the TIO will cost Optus and other telcos $30 and more if escalated.  Not many Optus customers have the time to check invoices properly and many of the scammers will still be lucky. In my case the Telstra-associated scammer was a German co. with name ORDANNDU GmbH and I got my $20.20 back after ringing Telstra's HQ in Manila via 132200 and mentioning TIO (Ombudsman).


Sending a "STOP" SMS does not help as one click causes a "Subscription to Premium Services" and leads to monthly charges.

Re: Jamster(Viobuzzy) Scam


Hi Toomey,


How can your team say that?, I was promised a refund, didn't come, next month promised a refund and it didn't come.


Raised with the TIO and it was resolved asap.


Re: Jamster(Viobuzzy) Scam


Same issue happened on my wife, she absolutely didn't subscribe any service, and I called them to stop it and refund all cost(been charged for 6 months and I didn't really check the bill), they said they will stop and refund with the check, I don't know how trustable that it is, I just leave a record here and incase I didn't receive any check or not match the scam charge, I hope Optus can intervene. 


I don't like Optus says it's third party charge and redirect customer to scammer, and don't understand why they are still operating after been complained by so many users, while they are so happy to help scammer charge you without really check the evidence of your subscription, I am pretty sure the admission is high.



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