Our optus account is not ATM for the third party


Hi Optus


I have also found  that I have been already charged 3 times   17/06/2017, 24/06/2017 and 01/07/2017 from Viobuzzy 2 (MIA Spere). I chekced my sms and found that there were only two sms on 24/06/2017 and 01/07/2017 saying that $9.99/wk has been charged. I never heard about Viobuzzy 2 and never  subsribed to this  service. I already send STOP message to Opt-out and also reduce spend to $0 for premium service. 

Why optus did not send me warning when the first transaction occured? Also I checked my Subscriptions list on my accound, but says "Currenty there are no subscriptions".  On my sms logs, I could not find anything about the subsription or links except two messages on 24/06/2017 and 01/07/2017 saying it has been charged. How is it possible to charge without subscriptions?


Our optus account is not ATM for the third party and I never gave my consent to OPTUS to charge me on behalf of third party. So I need complete refund and I do not want to dealt with third party. 


Thank you very much.

Re: Jamster(Viobuzzy) Scam


I have also been scammed by this company for about a year.

I have never received any texts to indicate that something was wrong, and I wouldn't notice the occasional $10 coming out of my bill since I thought I had gone over my data a couple of times.


Within the past month I have been charged around $40 from Viobuzzy 2 (MIA Sphere Live) and that is when I investigated the matter and found that all up these scammers had totalled a bit over $100 in bills. 


I have spoken to Optus in hope of finding a resolution multiple times, and they have always been very dismissive and quick to point the finger at me for all of this happening to begin with, even though I would never sign up to a premium service or click on a dodgy ad. 


Finally I spoke to a rep who gave me the number for this company. Once I got through to these guys, they were quick to blame me as Optus had, but I persisted and got an email ( to try to get a refund. 


I first emailed them last Tuesday and a couple more times over the past week, and still have not yet been replied to. 

So what else can I do?

Re: Jamster(Viobuzzy) Scam


That is honestly just awful. 

I think we need to try the media and our local representatives in government. 


Its flagrant theft and it seems to have Optus's passive support, I can't see the practice ending soon with Optus and other Telcos continuing to enable

the process. 


It it is a violation of trade principles (in my opinion ) to charge someone for service they neither signed up for nor use. And for the company holding the credit account and guarantee of payment we did sign up for (optus) to provide our information to these third parties and subsequently extend that binding agreement & guarantee of payment to these scammers is negligent. 


And that that they provide enough information to third parties without our express agreement in signing up for these services , which then allows them to have enough authority to charge and represent themselves as having the customers endorsement is simply unlawful 

Re: Jamster(Viobuzzy) Scam


hi everyone,


It seems like this place is going nuts on a bunch of random ph numbers... We have been getting the txt and relying stop for a while now but in a few days we get another txt. Has anyone successfully gotten rid of them yet?


Re: Jamster(Viobuzzy) Scam


Dear Step_C,

as a moderator you should be aware that there are multiple issues regarding the content provide MIA Sphere (the provider of this scam services). See threads in regards to MIA Sphere, Prizesaints, Winneroos, etc...


The Industry Code (document C637_2011-Variation-No.1-2014.pdf) on the Communications Alliance Ltd site, section 4.4 clearly states such Premium Content Providers must use a double opt-in approach. This is not done. But they use an automatic opt-in to which Optus has provided the content provider with the hapless phone user automatically and without explicit approval to the content providers.

People are being scammed via fraudulent Facebook links that "Automatically" sign them up to these very expensive nothing provided services, where Optus (and Telstra) provide the details and methods to immediately bill the unsuspecting target.


I see Optus as a willing co-conspirator to these fraudulent practices As Optus provides the mechanism to these scammers, Optus does the billing, Optus does the collection of money, Optus does the distribution of such money to these scammers, and Optus takes direct financial gain as a form of fees from this fraudulent activity, Optus does nothing to ensure that such claimed charges have been approved by YOUR Client, and when the Optus customer questions how these unknown charges got on their "Optus Invoice", Optus claims no responsibility, that the client has to go to these blind companies to resolve.  Companies that Optus cannot or will not provide their legal entities other than an email address or help line (which is a paid service provider, and nothing to do with the billing scammer) to which the help line simply provides the same email address to write too.


this practice is shameful, it is hurting families and likely the aged who have no way to understand and deal with the misdirection and double talk done by both Optus customer support and the impossible to contact Conent Service provider.

Re: Jamster(Viobuzzy) Scam


Measures should have been taken, I agree and these measures shouldn't be up to me, the customer to reduce my spend limit when it's the company paying your wage that is not stopping this from occurring.


I understand that you yourself are not responsible but someone in this company needs to step up and address this issue and not leave it to the customers to cop.


Ive been an Optus customer for so many years now and it's the first time I've started to look elsewhere at new phone plans. I'm pretty sure that I'm not the only one but it seems Optus don't give a rats about any of us individuals until we all stand up together and cause enough of a debt in their finances to notice... then again, if that occurs, I'm sure they will just give our details out to more companies that can wrought us as they wish on Optuses behalf.


Re: Jamster(Viobuzzy) Scam


We shouldn't have to make sure our spend limit is set to $0. What if we want to spend ourselves? What a freakin hassle!


optus should be responsible for stopping it not the customer!

Re: Jamster(Viobuzzy) Scam




It may not be necessary to go to the TIO (Ombudsman) straight away. Just ring the telco and make it plain, that you intend to contact the TIO if the funds are not reimbursed forthwith. According to the Whirlpool forum, it costs the Telco $30 to handle the complaint, si in a lot of cases mentioning three letters is good enough.

Re: Jamster(Viobuzzy) Scam


@domwild your point is correct and let's say I'm a believer in continuing to directly deal with Optus to ensure this is resolved, regardless how much this will cost both of us. 


Based on Optus's conduct to date I have no faith they have my best interests in mind. BUT there is a bigger picture here. Optus is actively participating in a scam that is hurting people. Im lucky, the $52 trying to be scammed from me, means nothing.  But, there are many families and aged that such money makes an impact to their lives. 

Optus (and other telcos) must be held accountable that their and their appointed partners (MIA was "appointed" by Optus to provide such services, on public record, remind them of that when they tell you it's nothing to do with them) are undertaking unscrupulous practices, not operating according to Agreed Industrial standards and simply acting in a manner to receive money from their partners "no questions asked".


Optus, not good enough Mate!



Re: Jamster(Viobuzzy) Scam


Setting spend limits to $0, to avoid these scams will stop be from buying apps and other services that I do need. The Apps that I have purchased are nearly all one off purchases of a few dollars and every time there is a "Are you sure you want to proceed with purchase of $x.yz Click YES to confirm" dialogue box. Viobuzzy and all the other MIA Sphere scam "services" don't have anything of the kind and I doubt whether there is any click baiting going on. It looks more like either internal fraud (phone numbers and processes enabled to facilitate these scammers charging back to Optus who then bills its clients) or an "arrangement" between Optus and MIA that is officially sanctioned.

Optus still haven't recredited my phone account with these unauthorised charges, despite them telling me it takes "24 to 48 hours" so it will soon be off to the TIO and the ACCC

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