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Occasional Contributor smokoner79
Occasional Contributor

Issues with data speed, and lack of support

I recently signed up with Optus on a postpaid 30 gig plan approximately 3 to 4 weeks ago and during this time, moreso in the last couple of weeks I have noticed a shocking decline in my data transfer rates. After doing numerous speed tests, 90% of the time I am getting a faster upload speed than a download speed, which is becoming utterly frustrating, considering most of the time I am lucky to receive 1-4 megabits per second. Considering I would like to do some video streaming when I'm away from home, this amount of data speed is pathetic to say the least. Furthermore I have reported the issue to support approximately 24 hours ago and have heard nothing more back. I am currently based in Launceston Tasmania and have numerous Optus cell towers around me, the closest is a little over a kilometre away. I have literally tried everything in my power to resolve this issue, to no avail. I guess the question I would like to ask everybody out there is, Is anyone else having this issue or is it just me? unfortunately I signed a 12 month plan and haven't even completed my first month and so far and not happy whatsoever with what I've signed into. I honestly don't believe I'm getting what I paid for. Anyone out there have any advice for a newbie Optus customer who is highly unsatisfied. 


As discussed with support there is no issues with calls or texts only data. Yesterday they told me it would take 24 to 48 hours to rectify. No word as yet why it hasn't been fixed.

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Moderator GuyCS

Re: Issues with data speed, and lack of support

Hey @smokoner79 - not great to hear you're receiving those speeds on your mobile service. Just to confirm, are you connected to 4G when testing?


I've had a look at our network status for Launceston but can't see any reported mobile outages at this stage. If you haven't done so already, are you able to try resetting your device's network settings to see if that helps? 

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Occasional Contributor smokoner79
Occasional Contributor

Re: Issues with data speed, and lack of support

 Hey GuyCS,


Thanks for your reply. Yes I have FULL 4G coverage where i am. I have also tried resetting network settings, and even to the point of removing sim and putting back after phone shutdown. I currently own a Nokia 6 and my previous telco, Telstra. Before I switched to the Optus plan I am on now, I was getting approx 15-25mb/s most of the time and even sometimes, was recieving 30mb/s. 


This morning, I have heard back from support which is a plus, however the issue is in the process of being solved hopefully.


There have been 3 to 4 occasions of the last 30+ tests that have pulled in between 20-30mb/s down and approx 10mb/s up, but as mentioned, it's rare for me to obtain the full speed. The concern I have is the fact the speeds flucuate so fast. If by chance I strike the high side of data speed, eg 25mb/s, and then run a speed test almost immediately afterward, it'll drop back down to 1-4mb/s. I am currently getting support to investigate workload on our towers here to see if there is a huge amount of congestion during peak times as Launny has approx 100000 people, yet there are Optus towers right around the city.


As frustrating as it is, it's the only issue with the service and if it turns out to be too much in the way of workload on the towers, then I have no idea how this is going to maintain a positive customer relationship with myself and Optus. My upmost worry is the MVNO's who use Optus' towers and the additional workload on those towers from these MVNO's. I know of an awful lot of MVNO's that use Optus.. could this possibly be the issue??

New Contributor Mundaring
New Contributor

Re: Issues with data speed, and lack of support 4G speed very slow Perth Hills

I too am getting slow 4 g speeds. Have spoken with Optus Tech Support and apparently nothing wrong with tower.

Advised by Optus to use Speedtest app to monitor.


Speed was good a while ago but 4g across my band aggregating devices is no higher than 4.16 mb/s and usually 1.7 mb/s .

Non aggregating ping is out to 1357 ms and cant get a check bit in minutes.


Wifes mobile with another carrier on 4g goes like a rocket.


Guessing my towers just have only so much data to sahre on ratio to users connecting.

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