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Is anyone else being constantly overcharged and Optus are not following through on promises to fix

Since about March of this year I have been getting overcharged by Optus when I called up to cancel my internet service. 


First thing they try to charge me with an early cancellation fee for the internet service, which I tell them that can’t be righ at all as I was in my previous house from January 2017 with internet and it being March 2019 there is NO WAY I have cancelled before the 2 years is up. After a while of back and forth they finally confirm to me that my internet service will be cancelled and no early cancellation fee paid. 


Now fast forward to May 2019 and I realise that Although I have changed to a $35 dollar plan I am still getting charged monthly bills of around $120. It’s at this point I realise they are STILL charging me $60 a month for internet service. So I go on live chat and ask them to fix it and credit me the amount they overcharged. They say no problem, don’t touch the bill - the amendments will be in the next bill. 


Next month rolls around and there have been absolutely NO amendments and I have been slapped with another $120 bill with the previous one now showing as overdue. So I do the right thing and get on the live chat again. They say the same thing - don’t touch the bill for now we will make the changes and it’ll show up in the next bill. 


The next bill bill comes around and SAME THING! Not only has nothing been done to stop the overcharging but I am now being told I will be disconnected for not paying my bill. So I get on live chat again and after being disconnected four or five times from the chat, I finally get someone and tell them I want it changed and this whole situation is absolutely terrible customer service and I expect a confirmation email of some sort so I will know that they have followed through this time - they finally fix the bill - but get this - in the meantime they still disconnect my service! So then I have to go back into live chat and tell them to reconnect me and also noticed they have slapped me with late payment fees for not paying a bill I was told numerous times to leave alone until it was corrected!!! So they finally tell me that it’s all fixed and they have waived the late payment fee. I think finally it’s all sorted after months of messing around and me contacting them at least six or seven times. And now I have just opened my most recent bill to find an even bigger charge of $200 plus !!!!! While they included the credits for overcharging me previously , They have not only still charged me 60 dollars for an internet device I haven’t used since February. They have again charged me the early cancellation fee! As well as snuck another late payment fee on there! Come on Optus this is getting beyond a joke! As a customer who has been with you for the last 3 -4 years I cannot believe I am experiencing such terrible communication, customer service and follow through. This is blind robbery! Unless this can all be corrected swiftly I will be switching service providers. Not a happy camper. Has anyone else experienced this atrocious service?

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Re: Is anyone else being constantly overcharged and Optus are not following through on promises to f

Unfortunately I have heard similar tales of woe (although usually for smaller amounts and usually fixed after three or four months). Optus desperately needs to start providing a single contact point for issues like this that have obviously gone off the rails. They are apparently working on it with a concierge project but its not yet up and running everywhere.


It would seem Optus have a lot of backend processes that are not directly related to each other (no central server) so for example while the the billing department can try sort out an issue the terminations division doesn't get the memo. You seem to have run into a LOT of miscommunication.


At this stage I would have a lot of sympathy with the idea of leaving Optus. If only to draw a set line on what they may or may not think you owe and that it becomes easy to say "nothing more!" after this point. But perhaps its worth one last go to try get your current situation sorted out, but reduce the stress (and time and effort) out of the processes and get the system to start doing the heavy lifting. 


1) Do pay all bills (unless they get stupidly high). Even though Optus are not allowed to action a bill that is in dispute they still do as you've found and cleaning up the mess that occurs because of your attempts to clean up another mess just spirals. You should get it all back in the end.


2) Your post is pretty clear so go back now and write down the dates and amounts where it all went off the rails. Also detail the issues. I suggest keeping it very simple, bullet point even and try not to enter in stuff that vexed you and just stick to the relevant facts.


3) At the end state clearly what you expect will resolve this.


4) Post this written complaint to Optus 


Customer Relations Group
PO Box 306
SA 5106


Don't email or ring or livechat as your situation obviously needs more attention than one sales staffer can give it. Also written complaints are taken seriously and other modes can sometimes go missing etc. 


5) You should get a written response from Optus within two weeks along with an assigned complaint number. Probably you will be directly contacted as well. Hopefully that leads to a resolution and maybe only one more months of wayward billing items that need to be checked up on. 


6) If not then you can forward the letter to the TIO with the complaint number and they will take it from their. 


Hopefully, after posting the letter there's not much else you will need to do.


Good Luck


Peter Gillespie

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