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New Contributor donkeywithabow
New Contributor

International roaming - data limit

Wondering if there is a way to limit the data usage while roaming overseas.


I went way, way over last time, and thought it would be better if data stream stopped completely when all the inclusion had been used up, instead of keep going and getting charged in the end.


After the trip, I found the way to do this in Android, and it needs quite a lot of fiddling in its settings. But I think it is rather safe and even better if the roaming data is turned off from Optus once it reaches the limit, since there was a considerable delay in receiving warning SMS and email.


This is more like a request to Optus, though...

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Trusted Contributor

Re: International roaming - data limit

There is no current system that will go "You have used your roaming data, cut service", because some plans do not include any data at all.

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