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Occasional Contributor ABY
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International Roaming



Our family has an account with several phones all connected and we share the data which is great.  I look after the account buyt it is my husband's phone number that has the query.


We are from Australia but are currently travelling overseas (UK and France). 


My husband's phone is on a plan that includes 6GB of data and unlimited calls and texts while overseas.


We are trying to check to see how much data he has used while overseas but everytime he checks via the My Optus app, the app crashes at the final click - Same crash place everytime.


Here's what happens:

He goes to the My Optus App

He logs in and clicks on "service".

The screen asks if he is currently roaming and tells him to tap below to check roaming usage. 

It says to "wait a minute, we are checking something"

Then it takes us to a screen with 2 tabs: Travel Pack or Pay As You Go. All good so far!

Travel Pack says 0 usage

However, when we click on the "Pay As You Go" tab, the app crashes completely.


We have updated the phone operating system and updated the app and tried several times over the last 2 weeks. 


Can you please let me know if there is another way to check on his data usage while we are away.  I do not want to be faced with nasty excess roaming fees.


Thank you.




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Esteemed Contributor
Esteemed Contributor

Re: International Roaming

Hi Annabel. What sort of phone? If it's an Android you can set local limits and warnings on the phone to better protect yourself from excess fees.


Note calls to Optus on an Optus phone are always free while overseas. You could ask Optus direct? That said overseas usage can be a bit of a guess and amounts are delayed (it can take Optus 48 hours to report local usage)


Just to be clear though, I believe overseas data is not sharable between phone accounts. Just so you know.


Peter Gillespie



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Online Community Manager
Online Community Manager

Re: International Roaming



If the you're having trouble with the app, you can also find your estimated roaming usage within your My Account.


How to check roaming usage in My Account


  1. Login to your My Account 
  2. Click on the mobile number you're want to check usage for 
  3. Click usage summary
  4. Scroll down until your reach, "Roaming usage estimate." 
  5. Click, "Check estimated roaming usage."


Charges can take a while to come through to our network, the usage shown is only an estimate. Actual charges will be shown on the next bill.


Free usage alerts are also sent out to keep you informed of your usage. An SMS alert is also sent if you exceed $100 of roaming usage.


Let us know how it goes. If you have any other questions, please let us know. 

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New Contributor tayal01
New Contributor

Re: International Roaming

I had the same experience when I was overseas in Spain and France earlier this month (Jan 2019).  Before leaving I bought 14 travel packs (1 per day) which I figured would cover my usage during that time. However, after about 5 or 6 days I got a notification  saying 50% used and I thought well that's Ok I should be good for another few days and I can purchase more Travel Packs (TP) then. But later that day I got an 85% used notification!  That didn't seem right.  I went into the Optus app and had a lot of trouble figuring out how much of the Travel Pack was left and I can also say it's not obvious how to add travel packs from within the app. I figured it out eventually and bought a few more packs while we were away.  I think I ended up purchasing about 22 days worth for the 14 days we were away.


Imagine my horror when I got this months bill with $300 of excess roaming charges on it!  Seriously!!  I called Optus straight away and explained the situation but I just kept getting told that I would have received texts telling me what the roaming charges would be.  That's true but I had Travel Packs with a fixed daily rate so I presumed I would be Ok.  Eventually the call to Optus support dropped out and I never received a call back.


I'm absolutely appalled at this situation. I've been an Optus customer for nearly 20 years now but if nothing is done about this I think it's time I started looking at other Telcos.  Most of my friends say they get much better service from their Telcos.


Very Unhappy.

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Esteemed Contributor
Esteemed Contributor

Re: International Roaming

Unfortunately while the travel packs seem like a "safe" option they're still ticking time bombs. You get a usable amount of data but once you burn through that (for whatever reason) Optus won't limit or slow and you can rack up a lot fast (a recent poster was dealing with over $2000 Smiley Surprised


These days Mobile phones can burn through data very fast. Just background syncing and app usage etc. consumes a lot. The 4G speeds mean it can happen in seconds too. Optus haven't really kept up with this increase in pace (for example pay $100 for a 100Gb mobile plan. Use 10% more and pay 200% more, its just not reasonable). The SMSs are the legal fig leaf but even they don't need to arrive until days after the data is used. What use is a "warning" days after the problem has happened?


If you're travelling, I would suggest use a more robust way to keep on top of data (local prepaid SIMs being my prefered option)


Peter Gillespie

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