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Insurance - Loan Phone


Has anyone else had severe issues with getting a loan phone? I pay for insurance and have made a claim for repair. I've phoned Optus several times to request a loan phone and each time i'm told to go in-store to request one. I've been in to several stores and called others, and they all say I have to request one over the phone. I'd given up for several months because no one seems to want to help me, which is pathetic, but i'm over having a broken phone and want to get it fixed.

Any assistance is appreciated, cheers.


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Honoured Contributor

Re: Insurance - Loan Phone

Loan phones are subject to optus discretion. They are not part of your insurance policy but an added extra provided by optus.

Unfortunately Optus don't seem to have hard and fast rules so yes you get the run around like you have. I can only suggest you press a bit harder and try escalate if someone says no. If a store person days call Optus you can do that in store on the spot and get them talking to each other.

FWIW "months" is way too long for an insurance claim to be settled. A payout or repair should be done within 30 days. I would be contacting the insurance company direct and pressing them.

Peter Gillespie