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New Contributor JJ0415
New Contributor

Insurance Claim



One of my business phones has water damage and I lodged the claim and dropped the phone off in Innaloo retail shop.  That was three weeks ago on 26/08/19.  At the time, I was given a copy of my claim details with loan phone request order information  I was told not to contact them.  Instead, I will be contacted as soon as a loan phone is ready to be picked up.

At the end of the first week, no call was received so I made the call.  I was told by Innaloo retail shop that they don't the reason for the delay and will follow up this up for me.

Midweek 2, no call received, so I called Innaloo retail shop again.  They still don't know why I haven't received my Loan phone and why my phone hasn't reached the warehouse.  Later that week, I was told, it could take up to three weeks to transport my phone from Perth to Sydney.

End of week 3, phoned Claim department and Innaloo Retail shop, still no sight of my phone.  It must be walking from Perth to Sydney!!!!!

I took up insurance for hopping an easy solution.  All I have so far were disappointments and anger.  There is no sight of my phone or loan phone!!!! I have been told by the Claim department to contact the retail shop for my issue and told the retail shop to call the claim department.  Anyone can help me from here?     

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Online Community Manager
Online Community Manager

Re: Insurance Claim

Hi JJ0415,

That sounds incredibly frustrating.

Loan phones are subject to availability so the only thing I can think of is there may not be any in stock? You should be communicated with though even if that is the case.

You mentioned it's a business phone, so you must have a business account?

In that instance you should be able to get assistance from chatting with a Business Specialist.

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Occasional Contributor MichaelF
Occasional Contributor

Re: Insurance Claim

Dont hold your breath waiting for your phone. Mine took over a month. Optus will never call you back (appears to be company policy). My suggestion is that you go into the shop and watch them call the repair people in front of you. The number is 1300 017 800. Good luck

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