Insufficient data in 40 AUD Plan


Dear team,


My order number is: 9319976A. I ported my service number from Vodafone to Optus last week and I chose 40 pre month SIM plan which including 15GB data. But I logged in my account to view my data usage on, the dashboard indicated that I only got 10 GB data. I went to Optus shop and ask for help and my issue still hasn't been solved. Could you please help me to fix it?





Re: Insufficient data in 40 AUD Plan


It sometimes takes a month to show the full data amount.


You should get a SMS when you hit half your actual data allowance. If you get it and it says you've used up 7.5Gb then you know you're ok.




Peter Gillespie

Re: Insufficient data in 40 AUD Plan


It may be worth double checking the plan you have been put on to make sure the correct one was selected at point of sale. Please feel free to send me a private message with your phone number, full name and DOB so I can double check this for you.

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