Incorrectly told early upgrade date


I'm really frustrated at the moment because I had previously been told that I could upgrade in January but now that I am trying to upgrade I have been told I can't and I need to to wait until I am inside one month... I'm not even using that phone or plan because the phone is crap and doesn't work right.. I switched it on today for the first time in 3 months to check if I had a message. 


This is ridiculous to make people wait that long if they are on the old plans...


Re: Incorrectly told early upgrade date

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If you don’t use it then what’s the urgency to upgrade it? Might be better to shut the account down when it’s finished and save yourself some money.

Re: Incorrectly told early upgrade date


Hey there @Simpled88 - you should still be able to upgrade early, however there may be a contract/handset payout fee. Very sorry for any conflicting information you've received. Completely understand that you'd be keen to get on to one of our newer, updated plans however when you agreed to your current contract a minimum term was provided in your Critical Information Summary. 

Re: Incorrectly told early upgrade date


Dont believe everything the optus operator tells you. I was told the same thing and only to be told after an hour spent at an optus shop waiting for the staff to do his thing on the computer, i had a equipment payout fee of $124. 

My plan expires at the end of this month (Nov) & im on a $80 monthly plan with no handset repayments. So to tell yes i can upgrade at no charge but only to find out its all lies! What got me was the $124 i had to pay. Why would i pay u $124 when i can pay $80 for another month? 

Re: Incorrectly told early upgrade date


Hey @Claw, I've replied to your other post about this.

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