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Incorrect data on $40 Sim only plan

From looking at these forums it seems that this is a reoccuring trend.


I've been on pre-paid for a few years with Optus and decided to take up their $40 sim only plan, which includes 15GB of data and 300mins of international calls.


Anyway, the switch over worked fine and then I linked the account only to find the included data is 10GB and 150mins of international calls.


Using the online chat was a complete waste of time, I was initially told that I was on on the 15GB plan and where did I see the 10GB, I mentioned their app and their web site. Upon confirming they mentioned that I was on the 10GB plan, I then asked why as I had signed up to the 15GB plan. The reponse was that I hadn't read the conditions correctly, ok well I did take a copy and it clearly states 15GB - there was no 10GB plan and I had clearly selected the "I'm a current pre-paid Optus customer".


I was then offered me a $50 goodwill gesture to put towards cancelling my plan and moving to what I have already paid for, looking at the conditions the canellation would be $240, i.e. $190 out of pocket, after a bit more chatting they offered $120, this still puts me $120 out of pocket for the fault of Optus. Nice that I had to look up the cancellation cost and if I hadn't checked would have had to pay it.


After getting the "team lead" on the messaging they said that the cancellation fee "really does apply here". After mentioning Australian Law and the Ombudsman, they ask me if I'd just wait until the first thing the next morning so that the problem could be escalated and that I'd receive the call first thing in the morning.


Suffice to say there was no call and it's four days later, I'm still on the 10GB allowance and really wished that I'd switched over to TPG or Kogan who have similar if not better plans.


Optus FAIL! We should get what we signed up to and not treated like idiots when contacting soon as the 12 months is up I'm out of here, never again Optus.

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