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Incorrect Critical Info Summary appearing in Optus My Account

The Critical Information Summary appearing in my online Optus My Account is out of date. I have requested for it to be updated but each time it is still incorrect. I am wanting the correct details, showing 40GB for $100 (with voucher) 40 GB for $130 (without voucher) : your current offer, to replace the old details that are still showing. I was told that if I went ahead and recharged, I would have the 40 GB even though the CIS was incorrect in my account. However, the CIS is a contract between myself and Optus, an agreement of service and obligations. I would really like this to be fixed up. I would only have myself to blame if I recharged and received only 20GB for $100.00. Optus, please can you help - many thanks!

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Re: Incorrect Critical Info Summary appearing in Optus My Account

The CIS isn't your contract (although its a pretty good go to document.)


Optus routinely has a 'base' CIS you'll note the clause:


Special promotions and bolt-ons This summary doesn’t cover any additional special promotions or extra value added services (bolt-ons) that you may also select.


The simple fact is that the document you are asking for doesn't actually exist. 


I agree that in a contractual environment Optus documentation seems to be very lacking in many cases. I can only suggest you request a document (email) that clearly indicates the plan you are on and the salient details. It doesn;'t seem unreasonable.




Peter Gillespie

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