Inconsistent Mobile Data usage figures


My wife and I have a pooled data plan of 9GB a months. Usually we use about 7-8GB, however this month Optus reckons we are have already used 10.2GB with a couple of days to go in the cycle.


When I add up the 'Share Data - Detailed usage' figures for each day of use on My Optus - it adds up to 8.2GB. So where is this additional 2GB coming from?




Re: Inconsistent Mobile Data usage figures




You should always set up the mobile data counter on your phone (on iPhones you can only reset the counter at the start of each month). On Android/Windows setup up a monthly warning limit and cut off. That way you can at least see what your local phone knows has been downloaded.


Optus data counters don't always collect info from the same place (and they can allow 48 hours for data to be applied). They also sometimes show free data usage (Netflix?) on some screens, but don't include it in the final data tally).


Maybe check the details again on the bill itself.




Peter Gillespie

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