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I have recently signed up for the free Netflix And TV Streaming service. I am being charged for it on my latest bill. I have also noted that I was charged an extra $10 for the extra 1GB of data, which according to my Data breakdown, I wouldn’t have needed if my Netflix data was free like it is meant to be. 


Can someone please clarify when you’re looking at the data breakdown in the app, although Netflix/Spotify/other streaming is there,  it is still included as free data and should not affect you exceeding your data limit? 

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Netflix usage appears on breakdown, when it's working. It should also appear in your My Account, under the daily usage. But it should not appear on the main usage summary or dial.

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I also have this question. Optus admins, feel free to jump in.

We were charged for extra data last month, which could be a rookie mistake ( 12 yr old daughter on 4G). This month, I see that Netflix streaming is included in Data Breakdown, which is fine. That data also seems to be included in our data usage total.

How do we know how much non-free data we will be charged for ? If all the data is included in the total, I assume Optus will charge us for it.

We will be monitoring data use closely this month to see how the totals end up.

We are using the Netflix app, not a Safari webpage so I assume this is free?

Also in the Data Breakdown app, it shows, say Browsing as 25%, but in daily usage there are no entries. How do we know when the data was used, Video Streaming does show use.

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G'day @Ozburns


When you open the My Optus app and navigate to the service screen, the first screen displays a pie graph. That's the total amount of data that you've been charged for.


When you head to the data breakdown screen, all data (including data that's been used on unmetered services) are shown.


For further insights, click on the daily use tab. If you were to tally up the amount of data used within the month and compared that to the data displayed on the pie graph, there should be a noticeable difference.


We'd expect the tallied amount of data usage to exceed the usage that's displayed on the pie graph.


For further peace of mind, you can reset your handsets data statistics to align with your billing cycle. 


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Re: Included Netflix Data


The app is not as helpful as it could be. On the breakdown page, they could easily remark whether the Netflix was unmetered or not. It could also include a total metered downloaded and total unmetered number. But, says nothing about either.


The main usage dial tells you how much to go, but it gets rounded and you have to do a subtraction to work out how much you just used.


The daily use page could easily have a MB score after the date, but insists on vague green bar graphs which get scaled into nothing, if you download 40GB one day.

Re: Included Netflix Data


Thanks..thats pretty much my experience. I think I'll have to keep track of data on  my own to see how it works out.

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