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In store phone contracts & Screen Protector Warranty Idea

Hi There,


I'd just like to give some feedback about an in store experience with Optus over the last few years, and suggest something that Optus may consider as part of their new mobile bundles.


A few years ago I purchased a new Iphone 6s with cover and screen protector.

I cracked the screen protector a couple of months later, went in store and the store honoured the replacement under the manafacturers warranty!  I was overjoyed with this and about a year later I tried again.... reluctantly and as part of 'customer experience' they replaced another one under warranty.  Still - I'm happy!


I purchased an Iphone X a few weeks ago, and purchased the cover and screen protector. Looked at the protector warranty again, and it says lifetime warranty once again. So a few days later, being a clutz i drop the phone, only a small drop of about 15cm but it cracks the screen protector.


I go in to the Optus store and they tell me there is absolutely no way they will honour the warranty, and I need to take it up with the manafacturer. Now this is where I stop being a happy customer. So Optus will sell a product, with a warranty, but does not want to know about returns or warranty claims. Now I'm not an expert in consumer law, but this seems a little off to me.


I guess I wanted to share my experience. It's left a sour taste in my mouth as I have had to purchase another screen protector in the meantime, and then claimed the warranty while doing that, and now I expect I will have an extra screen protector that I may or may not use. (By the way I have to PAY for the privellige to return to the US!)


If Optus advertised that each of their phone plans sold with a screen protector are entitled to have 1 or 2 X returns for broken screen protectors as part of their marketing bundle and Optus will just take care of it for the customer - it would be extremely good PR for them.  Imagine an advert with that "dropped phone feeling" and then an Optus store member reassuring the customer that it will be fine, and we will take care of it for you.....  All this and customer has peace of mind, AND it probably wont cost Optus a thing as they would have a deal with the supplier (ZAGG or the like) to return them in bulk via a supplier.


I'm sure I am not alone in dealing with the frustration of buying a product from a retail store, with a warranty -  and then being told that I'm on my own when I need to claim.


It would be better if Optus just didn't sell protectors that have a warranty, and then people wouldn't have the expectation.


Anyway I hope this suggestion finds it's way to Optus marketing team for consideration.






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Re: In store phone contracts & Screen Protector Warranty Idea

Hey @Danimus, firstly my apologies for the stress this has caused.


Typically any warranty is covered by the manufacturer of the product. Have you reached out to them directly for a claim? Optus can provide your proof of purchase if required.

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