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New Contributor Fartun1211
New Contributor

Identify fraud

Hi there I have been trying to resolve a fraud issue about 2 months ago I have received a latter from Optus confirming that I will be receiving check $161 and I have received the check except my name has been changed the address is the same the number is my number And after I tried to explain the customer service they just said the name is different.
I asked them if they can look at exactly when the name was change they weren’t interested.
Please look into this my old # is 0431431179
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Honoured Contributor
Honoured Contributor

Re: Identify fraud

I'm sorry Fartun but its hard to make sense of what you are describing. Are you unable to cash the cheque? Regardless you can't get any assistance at this public forum. You will need to contact Optus directly (again) and ask for billing and hopefully a different agent will have better answers.

Peter Gillespie
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