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ISP blocking sites....


So some of the major Telcos are blocking access to 4chan... I’m wondering if I can edit my contract if I cannot access a service im paying for... I’ll migrate to a different telco.. they don’t have the right to block sites... I was a huge fan of Optus but after seeing the block this has pi**ed me off. Not just the fact I can’t use 4chan anymore.. but they fact they can just pick what people see online... you can’t just mute people and make them see what you want to see...

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Yes agree and with no information on who and for how long these sites are going to be blocked it does make things difficult.

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It has angered some but as I've said elsewhere Telcos all have an obligation and routinely block many sites you might like to access  every day. They generally do this via DNS / domain name blocking so its extremely easy to circumvent for those that still wish to. In the case of Christchurch they have apparently implimented IP address blocking which is pretty ham fisted and can mean sites not intended to be blocked can get caught up in the block. I'm not sure if 4chan hosted the content or was inadvertantly blocked.


There is currently a big debate going on over how much responsibility individual sites have for monitoring content they publish. Like it or not the internet is almost fully integrated in to western life. Its not enough anymore to say if you don't like it then just don't go looking for it. Same way advertising in real life can't show XXX material and ask you to look away if you don't want to see. 


Peter Gillespie


Re: ISP blocking sites....


Very disappointed Optus blocked sites I use with unconvincing reasoning. 


Re: ISP blocking sites....


Optus have removed the IP blocking which was affecting legitimate sites from the blocking (this was where multiple sites hosted on the same IP were being blocked due to one website hosting the content). This means the only blocked websites are those we are meaning to block.
Optus have always blocked websites for other reasons so if customers have a complaint about a website block it could be either newly added or part of another block, for example to prevent Phishing attacks directed at Optus customers etc. 
Please contact us if you have any further questions regarding this.

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