Hey i was wondering why i am not receiving an IOU when i have recently changed my number?? thanks



I don't know but do you fall foul of any of these (bearing in mind a new number might reset all counters?)


You must have recharged with at least $10 within the last 6 months to use IOU. My Prepaid Daily: You must have less than $1 MyCredit balance. My Prepaid Daily Plus:You must have less than $2 MyCredit balance. My Prepaid Long Expiry: You must have less than 20 cents MyCredit balance and no MyTalk Add On balance. My Prepaid UltraMy Prepaid Ultra PlusMy Prepaid Ultimate and Prepaid Ultimate Plus: You must have run out of credit for standard national calls, SMS/MMS and data. We'll deduct $2 Extras Credit in exchange for the IOU offer. If you don't have enough Extras Credit, we'll deduct 10 minutes and 10MB data from your next $10 or $20 recharge or $2 Extras Credit from your next recharge of $30 or above. Other Prepaid plans: If you're on the Dollar Days, $2 Days 3G Ready, $2 Days 4G Ready or Optus Day to Day plan you must have less than $2 MyCredit balance to use this service. If you're on any other Optus Prepaid mobile plan (excluding My Prepaid plans) you must have less than $1.50 MyCredit or Credit balance to use this service. General: Only one Optus IOU can be outstanding at a time and is non-refundable. When taking over a plan from a third party it is your responsibility to ensure that no Optus IOU Credit is outstanding on the account as you will incur any outstanding Optus IOU Credit amount.


Peter Gillespie

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