IMEI unblock 48 hours ...... to 7 days


Has anyone else found it a very slow process to get an IMEI unblocked?  Over the past 2 weeks, Optus service has been so appalling I can't believe it takes that long.  Initially, they blamed the Samsung phone and said that there must be something wrong with the SIM card reader.  Luckily Samsung give good service and replaced my phone and now despite number live chats, phone calls to customer service and going into the Optus shop I still can't connect to the network.  Like a previous contributer said it's not good enough with telecommunications these days. 

Re: IMEI unblock 48 hours ...... to 7 days


Hi @Aztecs


I'm so sorry to hear this, this usually isn't the case for a unblock to be delayed by this long. May i ask, how did you request the IMEI unblock? Over the phone? 


Re: IMEI unblock 48 hours ...... to 7 days


It has been sorted now, but I went into an Optus Store @ Joondalup.  The customer service people in the store could not have been less helpful.  I made numerous calls and numerous livechats. 

Very disappointed with this.

Re: IMEI unblock 48 hours ...... to 7 days


Not good to hear, will pass the feedback on for you. 

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Re: IMEI unblock 48 hours ...... to 7 days


I am having this exact problem now. It is beyond a bloody joke Optus.

Re: IMEI unblock 48 hours ...... to 7 days


Hi @anni999pink, it's not the sort of trouble you should be having at all Smiley Sad

Were you still needing assistance with this? If that's the case, please chat with us HERE so we can follow this up for you. 

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