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Deals involving adding I watches to an upgrade ? I was sure I read this last week but can’t find it now? 

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Are you looking for a "deal" or just wanting to add an iWatch to your current plan?


If its a recent contract then you should be able to add an iWatch after the initial month. You'll need to contact optus directly.


Peter Gillespie

Re: I watch deals


Just an FYI on this one


From the 23rd of November, Apple Watches are now sold on the $15.00 and $25.00 24M Mobile Broadband plans (with a device repayment over 24 months in our Retail and our Tele-sales channel.

Customers will receive the following:


A physical SIM for use as a data SIM along with their Apple Watch

Number share is included as a $0.00 addon


Apple Watches can also be purchased outright, depending on stock availability. 



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