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I was treated poorly at Optus George St Sydney and contemplating leaving Optus after 15 years

I am currently on a sim only plan and wanted to upgrade my phone and plan.  I asked about the 3 month free offer.  I was met with rudeness and indifference.  I was told that they could not help me because that is only for "new" numbers.  Online it does NOT specify that is the case.  I asked for the prices and options.  A rushed young man showed me on the screen (I can use Google).  He refused to print it so I could go home and think about it.  I said I was considering leaving Optus as I don't feel valued.  They basically did not want to deal with me. 

I am a loyal person, so it is hard for me to leave a carrier I have been with for over 15 years.  Can anyone help me? Can someone from Australia call me and guide me through my options? It is your job as someone in customer service! I would really like some guidance on the plans suitable to my usage and the Google 4XL and iPhone 11. 

If someone can call or email me that would be great. 



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Re: I was treated poorly at Optus George St Sydney and contemplating leaving Optus after 15 years

Hi Marie, no one will call you (this is a public forum and no one has your number - even if you provided it they still wouldn't call you.)

You'll need to contact Optus direct (LiveChat is my suggestion) to discus specific plans. In the mean time some here could offer thoughts on what might suit you. I have a Pixel XL.

What sort of data usage do you have each month roughly? 20Gb? 50Gb?

FWIW customer loyalty has little value these days. With the amount of choice we have companies have realised that long term customers are actually those that are unwilling to shop around (be that laziness or loyalty). As such most deals are structured to benefit new customers.

Hopefully Optus can do better to improve your experience.

Peter Gillespie
Online Community Manager
Online Community Manager

Re: I was treated poorly at Optus George St Sydney and contemplating leaving Optus after 15 years

Hi @marievlassis , not great to hear about the experience in store. Regardless if the deal is available to only new customers they should have explained your options and gone through the  handsets with you. Do you remember who you spoke to in the store and the date you visited?



In regards to the plan, it is noted online for new customers only, however when you click off certain pages the message can get lost unless you dig into the terms and conditions. I have actually provided that feedback to the marketing team as the message should stay on the plan page regardless on what option you click.

Thanks @petergdownload for jumping in and helping out and like peter has suggested,  you'll need to speak to chat or call sales to they can walk through the options with you as we're unable to see any account information.

Let me know if you need any further help 🙂

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