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I want to fast track my Optus Mobile Insurance claim

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I have sent a claim for my mobile phone and I am travelling abroad on Thursday please see to it I get my new phone on or before Thursday yet claim says under assessment but it’s lil urgent for me what can be done and what should I do so that I can get my phone on or before Thursday .


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Unfortunately, the YC Team can't assist with insurance claims, this is all done by an external claims department. They also do not have an "urgent claims service". Most damage claims are settled within 7 working days, and lost/stolen claims within 48 hours, however, this is contingent on you cooperating with the process (ie: sending in documents proving loss/etc, or sending phone for assessment).


Your best bet would be to call the claims unit on 1800 501 971 and discussing the claim with them directly.


More info can be found here:

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