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I've forgotten my My Optus Email and Password. Thus I can't cancel one of the Shared Plan.

Aight so I have an issue and I'm pretty annoyed by it. A relative of mine left the country around a week or 2 ago. He and I had a shared plan so out mobile data was connected. Now what my family and I want to do is cancel his plan and view the entire bill history. We want to know how much of the combined bill he payed. Now due to the COVID-19, we can't phone optus since we don't fit in the critical support thing. The other option we were given though was to message using my optus. But the problem is we don't know which email and password we used to register my phone plan with. Thus we can't login. I can view the data and such but we can't message for help. I've tried to recover the email but it just loops me back to the start. I can give more detailed info when someone replies. 

(Ah also I went to a nearby Optus Centre and they gave me a number to phone. They said that if I phone 1300 300 358 I can get on the phone with them and sort the problem out but every god damn time I phone them it keeps saying *COULDN'T CONNECT*) I am very frustrated so please if you can, help me. Thank You.

(Also if you're wondering why I can't login using this account, This is an account I made to ask questions and such because I forgot the email and password connected to my phone. So this account has zero connection to my phone.)

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