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I don't like my phone on contract with Optus, what are my options?

Hi. I have been in touch by chat about changing my plan since October. I signed up to a new contract in September and I'm not happy with the phone at all. I contacted Optus about changing my handset. I was told there's nothing I can do about it other than pay out the new handset and get a new contract going. I said OK but can I keep paying for the handset over the contract period, no, I have to pay it within 3 months. And I can't do that anyway because apparently I have to stay on the plan for 6 months before I can change it. Optus have always helped out over the 10+ years I have been a customer so I'm very disappointed I have to stay with a phone I hate 

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Honoured Contributor

Re: Change plan

Can you sell it second hand and then buy another model outright (possibly refurbished)? That way you just keep your existing plan and switch over the phone you are using. Probably cost $200 or so as a lesson learned?