I can't register for Optus My Account

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Whenever I try to put my phone number in, it says this service is not eligible for an optus myaccount. I have tried several times, but it always says the same thing. I am on a prepaid service, which means I don't get a paper bill or an emailed bill either. It is getting very frustrating. I don't particularly want to go into the local optus store, but if that is the only option, I will. I also can't get onto the myaccount page, now that I have a Yes Crowd account. It always just says 'retriveing information'

Re: I can't register for Optus My Account


That's happening a bit lately. You need to call Optus and they'll fix the problem on their end. 133937 is the number to call

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Re: I can't register for Optus My Account


Oh no! Sorry to hear that you've had some trouble registering @Lizzieb1823 Smiley Sad

If you still need a hand, you can get in touch with us on the number that SamSam provided or through Live Chat here.


Alternatively, please PM me with your mobile number, full name and DOB so I can take a look into it from our end. 

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Re: I can't register for Optus My Account


I have the exact same problem. I joined Optus on Jan 8th. My service works but I don't receive emails, I can't access my bills and the website continues to say my service is not eligible for a my account. I even went out and bought a new phone so I could download the app (as was suggested by a support person).

My first bill was really overdue but I couldn't see it to pay it! With the app I can now see how much I owe but I still can't see the bill, organise direct debit or anything else. Now my second bill is apparently due - no idea what the due date is, can't see the bill and pulling my hair out with frustration!

Worst of all, I have sought support via online chat twice (which took forever) and called support (who eventually transfered me to tech but no-one answered!) Not ONE of the support people had any idea what the problem was. I know I'm not the only one who has experienced this so why does no-one know how to fix it?!? 

Can ANYONE help?

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