Re: I am being overcharged for my data


Thanks Dan.  


I have fed up with the calls with Optus. your message is nice. But I really don't want to waste my time any more with Optus(Maybe you indeed can help me, but I have no more patience.)  I have made many calls to Optus many time. One time while I said I would like to make a complain then other side handup immediately? How bad is this? I can't wait to finish my contract and move along.


Now I bought a new Modem with Qos setting which can do the bandwidth limiting I limited my speed to 8MB/1MB per second. but still it uses around 8GBs perday while we are not really using too much internet.(I have changed password many times so don't think our neightbours were using it.) we are indeed a pathetic group of customers. What we can do is to move away as wuick as I can. Thanks. 


There is no problem for me to disclose my own infoirmation to you if you need as I'm a true customer.

Re: I am being overcharged for my data


I completely get that @msbicoe


I really would like to scroll through the account notes and check out the interactions you've had with customer care in the past.


From what you've in your first post, the data break-down information we've given you does sound a little vague. 








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Re: I am being overcharged for my data


This is happening to me too. What ended up happening to your situation? 

Re: I am being overcharged for my data


Hi @ Kgiff88 -  Apologies for any inconvenience caused.  With regards to data usage, I'd recommend checking our online help Here. Apart from this you can check data insights from MY Optus App as well as this will show what the data is being used on. 

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Re: I am being overcharged for my data


Agreed, dont even bother - Dan and a number of other moderators have sent me PMs to fix me being overcharged every month..

After many months the best they can do is 'escalate' it.. My last PM was the best, instead of just a normal escalation, they've now told me it's been escalated to the 'highest tier possible'

It seriously is like out of some comedy movie


The next PM will say that they've created a a new super high tier just for special escalations like mine! 

No one at Optus actually cares or looks into it themselves they just go "wow this looks tough, let me tell the customer we care and then flick an email off to someone else to deal with, even though I know they won't even read it, but now i can say i've escalated the matter and done my job"

Re: I am being overcharged for my data


Optus you guys are just purely ripping people off. Nobody wants your $10 add on, I’ve been a loyal customer for 5yrs and yet you still slug these disgusting rates on my plan. 


I cant wait till my contract is over I’ll be heading to another service who don’t use fine print to trick customers into paying $10 for a 1gig data that seems to magically get used up in one day.. my recommendation to everyone on this forum to leave Optus and look else where no loyalty and absolutely no care for their customers!! 


And just to let let everyone know Optus is over the years has ripped people off and had to pay millions! They’ve just found a way to do it legally... stick your response up your .... I won’t be back!! 

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