Huge Data Bill


How come, all of a sudden, we are getting texts telling us we're using 1gb of download PER DAY when our phones say we haven't even used the first 2gb on our monthly plan?

Secondly, why is it almost impossible to talk to someone at Optus?  Unbelievable.

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When you say your phones say you haven't, what do you mean? As in the Optus App isn't reflecting this? Or the built in data usage monitor on iPhones and Android now?


Secondly, a lot of people talk about problems contact Optus but I never seem to have a problem. My preference is live chat though, have you tried that? - 

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Re: Huge Data Bill


As mentioned have you set on phone (local) data warnings and limits?


Also what does the SMS say exactly? Usually data warnings mention 50% of allowance etc.? 


You may also check out custom warning levels under MYACOUNT in Optus. They should be disabled as they'll provide incorrect prompts otherwise.




Peter Gillespie

Re: Huge Data Bill


Hi. Teah, I supposedly used 15gb in my sleep in 2 hours last night, and do you think I can even get a Live Chat link to work? No. More than bitter and twisted with these thieves. 

Re: Huge Data Bill


All I got from that link was a little gif file. 

Re: Huge Data Bill


Hey Magpe16, if a large amount of data has been used in a short time frame it can often delay usage alerts by up to 48 hours. There's a chance it could also just be an error due to system changes. That's an old link but you'll be able to get onto them here.

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